He never does.Gang goes to drop off the guns. Jedi insists on the fight, won't take no for an answer. Now as we flash over to them I explain this is highly illegal because it's death matches, and not all the participants are willing. However the other players had all written up backstories and characters that would rather make money than do the right thing. Good time.He comes out in a tie against the Mandalorian and a sad sad loss against the Trandoshan. Jedi works out a price he likes. The wise Jedi accepts this Sith Lord as his master, stating he himself will not become a Sith. CoolCredito. He gets upset, asks why, etc. Mechanic asks for the Jedi's vibroknife to show him what he's good at, mechanic doesn't state his intent but it is fairly obvious he's not going to attack. Now the crits in this system don't up damage but rather you roll on a table and it decides what happens. He wants to be a good Jedi but he's the most money hungry of them all, so he's unwilling to take a low paying job that would up his morality. Who are at an underground gambling den where they've gone to let their Trandoshan crack some skulls and make some creditos off of them gambling and Trandoshan winning. Jedi let's it happen, even encourages it. I explain he just gave in fully to his anger and that's not a Jedi thing. I let him know to look for jobs that will give him the morality boost he wants. He was intending to show how he can pimp out gear. The Jedi then states "They better find the money or something something" he stops talking because of an incredulous look I couldn't stop myself from giving. He is upset and angrily and loudly states I'm not giving him opportunities to be good. They are also optional.So he crits over and over. Moneyman: Dinero en 15 minutos. ¡Lee antes de contratar!.

Why am I dark side!! Part 2 of the unfortunate Jedi

. Luckily he doesn't kill her otherwise I'd have had an arguement on my hands but still. And he's doing some terrible things to this woman. This is the same guy who couldn't believe searching every nook and cranny didn't deliver a lightsaber to him. They are not forced upon you. Not just any Sith but the Jedi's old master. I say too bad if you don't want to kill her don't crit. In comes the human mechanic, absolutely not a combat character. You make the concious choice to crit and risk killing someone. So the fight starts again this time he is doing everything he can to take down the other apprentice. So we do a pre-session kind of thing, introduce characters, go through the duals with the rest of the crew, etc. Fare sesso in macchina non farà più sporcare la fedina penale. In questo momento mi trovo su un Frecciabianca che ha investito una persona nelle Marche. He begins to actually slow down. At one point he carves out her eye because of a crit that permanently lowered a stat. Says Jedi should join him and aid him in such an endeavor, if he chooses not to they will be enemies but the crew is free to go for now. All I can say is that actively not doing bad things does not equal doing good things.Edit: clarified that crits are an optional thing. Financiación para tu desarrollo profesional. The guy agreed only to get him to jog on. Most of them choose some scoundrel or another, but this one player wants to be a Jedi. He rolls his final attack, and you guessed it. They capture the Jedi and his crew and the old master goes on a spiel about balancing the universe by destroying both sides of the conflict and keeping it as such. As in their gambling fell through and now their going to win it back or pay in blood. I warn Jedi player about this, he says it's fine.

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. Also it doesn't work like that.Who has taken note of this obscene use of power, but a Sith Lord. Cool, that's fine no big deal. Ok I'm not dropping obvious moments to him but he's also not looking for them either. A couple weeks later he tries again under the supervision of his master, unknown to him this is his last chance, fail here and he won't be given another opportunity for a lightsaber, at least from his master. Turns out the folks that are supposed to pay can't afford the price the dealer quoted. So he sprints around the star destroyer until he finds his opponent. They then force these broke revolutionaries to scrounge together everything they can to be able to pay the crew. If he can beat on of the other apprentices at a dual his master will bestow him the parts to craft the saber. Critting at every opportunity. Makes sense for most of them. He gets his ass handed to him right quick.

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