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Préstamo para Máster de CatalunyaCaixa. Until the Spanish colonization, many cultures derived from the Karib, Malibu and Arawak language families lived along the Colombian Caribbean coast. The rise of a much more developed culture, the Monsú, who lived at the end of the Dique Canal near today's Cartagena neighborhoods Pasacaballos and Ciénaga Honda at the northernmost part of Barú Island, has been hypothesized. He soon found the village of Calamari abandoned. Préstamos y créditos, ¿cuál es la diferencia?. These were complemented by fortifications along the coast, making Cartagena a militarily impregnable city.

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. Heredia was forced to retreat to Turbaco until a ransom was paid. Among these, according to the earliest documents available, the Kalamari had preeminence. De Nicuesa and De Ojeda noted the existence of a big bay on the way from Santo Domingo to Urabá and the Panama isthmus, and that encouraged Bastidas to investigate. Using India Catalina as a guide, Heredia embarked on a three-month exploration expedition. Francisco de Murga made the Inner Bay an "impregnable lagoon", according to Segovia, which included the forts El Boquerón, Castillo Grande, , and. The contract granted exclusive rights to Britain to sell African slaves in the Spanish West Indies. Sentences were pronounced in the main city plaza, today's Plaza de Bolivar, during the Autos de Fe ceremonies. These tribes, though physically and administratively separated, shared a common architecture, such as hut structures consisting of circular rooms with tall roofs, which were surrounded by defensive wooden palisades. Credito Nuevo crítica. In later expeditions, Heredia raided the Sinú tombs and temples of gold. For other places with the same name, see Cartagena. The first slaves were brought by Pedro de Heredia to work as "macheteros", clearing the underbrush. ¿Qué ventajas tiene Creditea con respecto a otras entidades?. The Monsú culture appears to have inherited the Puerto Hormiga culture's use of the art of pottery and also to have developed a mixed economy of agriculture and basic manufacture. The town was named after the port city of Cartagena, in Murcia in southeast Spain, where most of Heredia's sailors had resided. Europeans began to bring slaves from Africa. Crimes under its jurisdiction included those of heresy, blasphemy, bigamy and witchcraft. This would have allowed Hawkins to ravage the port afterwards; the governor declined.

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The Monsú people's diet was based mostly on shellfish and fresh and salt-water fish.The development of the Sinú society in what is today the departments of Córdoba and Sucre, eclipsed these first developments around the Cartagena Bay area