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Erlangen: Universitätsbund Erlangen. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Pre-Greek substrate

. Préstamo Insuperable de GlobalCaja, Préstamo Personal FEI Automoción de Cajamar. Préstamo Personal Click and Go La Caixa, Préstamos Personales de Openbank. However, of the few words of secure Anatolian origin, most are cultural items or commodities likely the result of commercial exchange, not of a substratum.

Banco Mediolanum crítica. Furnée proposed a theory under which pre-Greek substrate is connected with Kartvelian languages. De Simone, there are no Etruscan words that can be "etymologically traced back to a single, common ancestral form with a Greek equivalent". "Préstamos anatolios en griego antiguo". Cambridge Archaeological Journal. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.. Furthermore, the correlations between Anatolian and Greek placenames may in fact represent a common early phase of Indo-European spoken before the Anatolian languages emerged in Asia Minor and Greek in mainland Greece. Various explanations have been put forward for these substrate features. "Pre-Greek Languages: Indirect Evidence". Pre-Greek: Phonology, Morphology, Lexicon.

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