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Banco de Bogotá is supervised by the Colombian Superintendency of Banking, which is primarily responsible for the regulation and supervision of Colombian financial institutions, including their foreign offices, subsidiaries, and affiliates. Préstamos Personales Online de Prestamer. It also owns bank subsidiaries in Panama and the Bahamas.

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. On a national level, it also operates through subsidiaries: Corporacion Financiera Colombiana S.A., an investment bank; Almacenes Generales de Deposito Almaviva S.A., a products supply logistics company; Sociedad Fiduciaria Bogotá Fidubogotá S.A. Opiniones sobre Préstamo Auto de Santander. Préstamos Personales Online de Prestamer. ¿Quién puede sacarte de los listados de morosos?.

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. The efforts of the bank's technical consultants and FIS experts enabled Banco de Bogotá to be the first financial institution in its market to introduce a new personal loan product, Prestamo Personal Libre Destino. In addition, the Superintendency monitors compliance by financial institutions with applicable laws and regulations and may order preventive measures and impose sanctions on financial institutions. Banco de Bogotá introduced the new product in February, ahead of its competitors, and captured a significant share of the market.

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It is also planning a follow-up phase, which will utilize ALS-Servicing Manager for a new line of credit product and add additional inquiry transaction functionality for the teller system. Grupo Aval, a holding company which is one of the largest and most influential financial entities in Colombia, owns a majority of the Bank's outstanding voting shares. The Superintendency issues and promulgates supervisory regulations concerning accounting requirements, asset quality, management, operations, capital adequacy, loan classification and loan loss provision standards. The bank selected FIS' ALS-Servicing Manager, a customizable loan processing application that supports customer and account servicing requirements for the life of the loan. In the United States, Banco de Bogotá operates two agencies, one in New York City, New York, and one in Miami, Florida