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As Finstar's Chairman, international investor Oleg Boyko has now directed Finstar to focus mainly on digital financial services and fintech industries.

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. From a young age, Boyko was interested in the financial sector and he began his career in the IT and finance sectors whilst he was a student. Quiénes somos. Productos vinculados a los préstamos bancarios. Finstar's investment portfolio includes, among others, Spotcap, an online lending platform for SMEs, Prestamos Prima, an online consumer financial services provider, and Viventor, a peer-to-peer lending platform.

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is an international investor and Chairman of Finstar Financial Group, a diversified private equity firm. International serial investor Oleg Boyko has a diverse portfolio having successfully invested in multiple industries including financial services, banks, IT, retail, real estate, entertainment and steel..

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. Recently the Foundation became the official partner of the Russian Paralympic Committee, and has established a presence in Asia. Monedo Now - Préstamo de hasta 5 000 € - Monedo Now. Prestamos Prima - Préstamo de hasta 500 000 € - Prestamos Prima. At the time it was a local business, with stores mainly in Saint Petersburg; but under Boyko, Rive Gauche grew to become Russia's second largest cosmetics and perfumery chain.

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. Boyko subsequently gained a Master of Business Administration from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The Foundation offers funding for Paralympic athletes to train and attend competitions and obtain physical and mental health care, and promotes equality for people with disabilities. Prestamos Prima - Préstamo de hasta 500 000 € - Prestamos Prima. Finstar manages and consults portfolio companies and assets worldwide.