Un San Valentín inolvidable, ¡gracias a un préstamo rápido!

Cómo logró ZARA el éxito. It was headed by former UN Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar as Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was chosen to avoid the increasing political pressure from the different political parties. A congressman wrongly reported that he had died and Congress observed a moment of silence in his honor, but he had not died and his health had in fact improved. In October of that year he resigned to return to his parliamentary activities. Fujimori's allies lost control of Congress after numerous defections to the opposition. Additionally, during most of his period, an important number of the infamous Vladivideos were published and investigated, since most of them recorded acts of corruption involving politicians, members of the clergy and important businessmen. A few days later, Fujimori submitted his resignation by fax.

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. However, Paniagua remained in the ranks of the government. Un San Valentín inolvidable, ¡gracias a un préstamo rápido. In the same year, he was elected Secretary General of Acción Popular, replacing Fernando Belaúnde as the national leader of the political organization. However, Congress refused to recognize him since he was one of the few who were still loyal to Fujimori. Then, he went on to study law at the Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad in Cusco and later at the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos in Lima. Paniagua was also involved in the repeal of much of the anti-terrorist legislation enforced by Fujimori, which included trials by faceless judges and juries. Therefore, since the President of Congress stood third in the line of succession, Paniagua became acting president. He finished there, specializing in constitutional law. Paniagua was a prominent member of the opposition. When it became apparent that Congress would not allow Márquez to take office, he resigned as well. In the following years, he worked in his private practice as a lawyer and started a political career. Paniagua formed a Unity and National Reconciliation Government that received the support of almost all the political parties of the time. Despite Paniagua's youth, Belaúnde appointed him Minister of Justice and Cult in his first government. Second Vice President Ricardo Márquez then claimed the presidency.

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. This allowed the re-trial of several members of Shining Path, who were already in prison, in civilian courts instead of military ones. He was given the Orden del Sol in the Gran Cruz grade.

After an internal discussion among the political forces, Paniagua was elected the new President of the Peruvian Congress. Paniagua's father was born in Bolivia but lived most of his life in Peru. He also dismissed the remaining military commanders who had had any type of involvement with or political connection to Montesinos. Paniagua's condition had not improved significantly. An OAS mission was sent to deal with the political crisis. Paniagua also established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the internal conflict in Peru. He was elected because all parties considered him to have a fair but strong character, needed in such times of crisis. He then proceeded to form a broad-based cabinet, which involved non-partisan technologists and low-profile politicians. Valentín Paniagua was born in Cusco and attended high school at Salesian School of Cusco.